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If You Fall…

IMG_5969I was on the way somewhere a week ago, and waiting at a red light, I saw this sign which, well, I had to read it couple of times, because I couldn’t get it right away. I finally realized it said: “If You Fall, I’ll be There” signed “Floor.” It was so out of place, it seemed, but then I figured it was in front of a small strip mall, so it would make sense it was a floor store, and it probably was.

Anyway, that message “If You Fall, I’ll Be There. Floor”, that is some really cool ad, it is smart (even though it took me forever to understand it J ) but as soon as the light changed, and I moved on, I started thinking. The self-help group meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and its people were always there for me. The promise of recovery (if you did the requirements), the spirit of fellowship. The time we spent with each other. The shoulder to lean on, the ear to listen as you vented or cried. And the kind words.

They are the floor I would fall on if it happened to be so, and they are always there. It depends on me to always be there too, because I am one of them, and without that unity, we are done with.

the image was copied from https://azitanahai.com/if-you-fall-ill-be-there/ thank you.

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