Motherland and the Rock Bottom

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untitledHow does a person continue abusing themselves with substances when it is clear they are ruining their life? How do they ignore others’ advices and their own bodies signs?

Quitting drinking back home in Russia was not a usual thing that I was around. Russia has a unique attitude toward drinking. Word “vodka” in Russian means “water” and it was around for a long time. We have created a very special atmosphere around this liquor. It is one of the most popular ones and was around for centuries. It appears that everyone drinks back home.

Now with that in mind back home I never heard of rehab except for “heavier” drugs: heroin, etc. With alcohol there wasn’t much for recovery services. Here and there were charlatans dressed up as doctors and specialists who’d provide services of hypnosis, but you wouldn’t hear of things that actually worked.

And we never heard of AA. Strange, for it a world known and well working recovery program, but not for Russia. I read an article recently that AA was originally introduced to Russia in late 80s but it wouldn’t go. Then in early 90s Billy Graham apparently tried to establish AA during his frequent visits to the post Soviet territories. Finally, it started getting somewhere, but according to the author’s stats, there were only 400 AA meetings in Russia for the last couple years, same amount of meetings just in Boston area in the U.S. Which is laughable and puzzling.

The author suggests that it is because, again, in Russia people don’t treat drinking as an anomaly. Quite on contrary. That is true. Heavy drinking is a normal thing over there. Sure, problems happen, lots of crimes happen due to intoxication, including DUI, and it is addressed, but people keep drinking on, in large numbers. And the excuse “We’ve been doing this for centuries” always wins, no matter how weird.

Another reason the author gives, this time for the Russians not accepting AA ways, is because AA was originally born in the U.S. and Russia always had very complicated relationship with America. So perhaps the distrust gave birth to the idea the Americans were/are trying to gain power of the Russians through their spirituality. That wouldn’t work well if you put it that way, would it? Oh, the glorious motherland.


Tell your children not to hold my hand

Tell your children not to understand.” © Glenn Danzig

Anyway, what if… What if we did have AA in Russia, say soon after the WW2? After the great challenges we’d have healthy living and AA is so big, co-existing with the totalitarian regime and denial of freedoms and rights? No. That wouldn’t fly, would it? People needed to be put down forcefully while being told by the government that they are the most free and happy nation in the world. And since AA is not just “stop drinking alcohol” kind of a program, but a spiritual awakening and spiritual and life recovery kind of a path, in a country that has officially outlawed God for 70 years… well, you get the picture.


Can you keep them in the dark for life

Can you hide them from the waiting world.” © Glenn Danzig

OK, but what IF! Just maybe, what if we did have something like that working, despite breaking all the laws and rules of Russian mentality and history, including the Tsar and Bolshevik politics and centuries of predominant slavery? What if somehow spiritual recovery from alcoholism did make it to Russia and rooted in? Because the Church did try different programs, in early 1900 and before, to bring drinking to minimum, and it worked. Actually, so did the Government, to be fair. In the Soviet times the society was rather sober and tried to keep it that way. It is only in the mid 80s that alcohol was sold in crazy numbers, particularly the so called “soviet champagne” which is, of course, lower in spirits numbers, so you could drink a lot of it at a party to get hammed. In the early 90s it didn’t decrease, and quite on contrary, went up. So what if AA made it in somehow and stayed on the land of the tyrants and the enlightened slaves? Would my people be let go from the attitude of self-harm through drinking? Would we use a chance to accept the gift? And most importantly, since everyone’s story in AA is told from the point of view of personal experience and attitude, would I stop drinking in the earlier age and not let alcohol bring me to my knees at the age of 25 as it did? Would I be teachable about the ways of alcohol and physical and mental degradation that it brings?

Unfortunately, the way it works with substance addicts, we tend to believe in the goodness of our drug so much we tend to ignore the advices of the others. And sometimes we can see the power of it too, and we know that it I will be too tough of a fight, and think, maybe it won’t worth it, maybe it isn’t so bad, so we lay our arms too early and sink in ignorance. So many people in the US and Canada were born in the homes of AA members and still became “practicing” alcoholics somehow, through the ways they lived, were raised, abused or not, ignored or not, hard living or not. So just living with the awareness of AA principles is, somehow, not enough. I think it all comes to hitting the rock bottom in order to find better ways to live. A person in my home group likes to give this great example: “When I saw drinking was causing me some issues, I told myself, Well, if I lose my job I will quit boozing. And I lost my job, but I kept drinking. Then I told myself well, if I my wife and kids threaten to leave me, I will quit. And she left and she took the kids, and I kept drinking. And then I kept making promises, and I lost the home, and friends, and I ended up in a homeless shelter for drunks which I said I will never end up. And then I had to make some changes, but they came, but it took me years of living on the street to get there.”

He is not the only one, is he? I was there, somewhere, although I was losing not possessions and people, but my own mind. The rock bottom was always getting deeper and deeper. And excuses just didn’t help. They rarely do. We seem to learn better by running our head into the wall.

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A Non-Existent Life

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You think that sun is shining and gives warmth
But not to you.
To someone else perhaps,
But you are always in the shade.
On a hot day it’s good,
But there are more colder days
And they last longer.
And the wind is always sharper
Just when you have to walk away
From a shelter you were forced to leave yet again.

What you believed to be salvation
From pain and awkwardness
Became poison you can’t leave without
You heard of people who ended up that way
But you never believed it to be truly true
Or that it will ever would happen to you.
And now witnessing it being real
You still deny it with ferocity of a man drowning at sea.
Only you are really drowning
And you’re not crying for help.
You are too scared to display
Your inability to control your life
You are too embarassed to show the rest of the world
That you can’t enjoy life to the fullest
Like they do (or pretend to?)

Strange colors shine on you at night
When your head screams for fresh air and your guts are about to swear blood vengeance
For the harms you put them through
And yet still you look upon the wreckage of your life you never lived,
Just wallowed in grey existence
Of never ending awkward hopes
That come through, aborted by your endless mistakes.
They crawl away, shattered,
As poisoned hearts and
Rusty nails you continue to step on.

You grin at the sun that seems to only want to burn you alive
And you give yourself another promise
That you so hard want to trust.
Forgetting to buckle up
You step out on the road
Into the icy wind that you believe
Will bring change
To your life
That truly only exists in your drunken bouts.

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the number is one

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One drink

For us, problem drinkers,

Compulsive users

Of so called substances,

It always calls for the other.

It just does.

And the longer is the break between the two,

That break being stuffed with

all the good things,

Like connecting,

Letting go,


And double cheeseburgers😀

The firmer is the guarantee

Of longer abstinence

Maybe even life time abstinence.

But take one drink

Here or there

And the mess will break out,

It will double and triple

Destroying all the hard work,

That courage, serenity, and wisdom

Gave birth to.

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its path

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To the waste
The whole world goes.
No change takes place,
Unless in yourself.
All connections
Slowly burning.
Want grows,
While needs are unanswered
If not spoken out,
Or prayed away,
Meditated to
The fresh air,
Kingdom of no flesh.
Knowing its path
Is where loving oneself
Is not a crime,
Knowing that
The voice of the sky
Never dies.

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2015 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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The Truth

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truthI’ve been watching quite a bit of X-files and each time the intro plays through, there is one of the series tag lines come up: The truth is out there. For a long time in my life, even without reading that line, I believed it.

For a long time I was searching for the true way to live. There thing I kept finding, but they didn’t fit what I wanted. I used to look for the meaning of life, but what I’d find was not cool, was too humble. I looked for things spiritual, and finding letting go was not fitting the life I wanted to live. I was looking for a girl that would be right for me, but kept ending up staring me in the face in a lonely room. At the same time, I was trying to learn how to drink is such a way that I’d be having fun but stayed healthy as well. I didn’t find much, because poisoning myself on a regular basis stirred me from the right path of looking for the right things and people.

And when I came to AA I found that the truth I was looking for, the truth about life and love and serenity, it was right here. I was sitting at the meeting and thinking of how the AA program turned out to be pretty much everything I really needed to know and think of life and its laws and how to get along with it without being eaten alive by compulsions and obsessions of all kinds. And the “truth out there” tag came to mind out of nowhere and right there I knew why. It was a reversed message. The truth was in here. In these rooms. In the presence of other people willing to share their stories and listen and learn and support each other.

Often we hear that we found something we never wished for. That we found right things in the places we didn’t dare to look at for the longest times. This was my case. My life case. I am glad I allowed myself to give it a chance ten years back and allowed myself to stay.

My truth is here.

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The Person He Thinks I Am

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